Has it ever happened to you that you have done something but you cannot explain with reasons why? Human psychology is a mystery which psychologists are still trying to figure out. But the subject is not completely untouched. There are many psychological facts we humans have already decoded and the results are shocking.

1. The amount of anxiety in an average school student in 21st century is just the same as it was for a mental patient in 1950s

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With every passing decade the anxiety in people are increasing. People are not satisfied with anything, be it their work or relationship. The main reason for this is the unrealistic ideas they create in their minds.

2. 3 hours are enough to convince a person that he/she has committed a murder

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And you will not even have to be violent for it. Our brain always we write the past memories in its own colourful way, and it is very easy to confuse the brain and make it believe things which has not actually happened.

3. Dogs help you fall in love

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It is one of the most underrated psychological facts. But with a dog by the side while you are on a date, you feel more confident and you are more likely to impress the girl.

4. Your favourite song will always be the one which is connected to a very important event of your life

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The song makes you re-live that emotion.

5. Some people run away from happiness because they are afraid

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The fear of being unhappy just after the happiness is what scares people off.

6. Maintaining a diary is good for health

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Not just mental but also physical. It falls under lesser known psychological facts that regular entries in diary has helped people with eating disorders and depression.

7. Listening to music while working decreases your creativity

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Some psychological facts are hard to believe because you have been doing this your whole life. Listening to music affects your ability to be creative.

8. It is easier to memorize something by drawing instead of writing it down

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Just a simple outline of what you want to memorize would be enough.

9. Having a plan B will decrease the chances of success

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The more options you have the less successful you will be. It is important that you burn all the bridges before starting something new.

10. To motivate yourself it is important to ask, “Will I do this?”

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Questioning yourself and knowing your inner desire work better than motivating or pushing yourself if you want a result.

11. When you lose your phone the stress you go through is similar to stress in a terrorist attack

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Although there are many more stressful events, losing your phone can stress you the similar way if you are stuck in a terrorist attack.

12. If you want to be happy go for a 20 minutes walk in a park

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Connecting with nature brings you comfort and joy like nothing else can.


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