We always look for that ‘extra’ in everything. We extraordinary things in movies, the visual effects in video games and over the top fiction in story books. We mostly ignore the ordinary things in our daily lives but sometimes these things turn out to be unusual. The world will always have surprises for you even in the most ordinary things.

So look out for the extraordinary in the ordinary and you will be amazed.

1. This blue jay did not shed off its baby feathers yet

Unusual everyday thingsvia

The combination looks so unusual yet beautiful. It’s just like the time when you are evolving from adolescence to an adult.

2. It’s like the wall lost its skin

Unusual everyday thingsvia

The ivy fell off the wall so clearly making it seem like it was never there.

3. Which one to choose is a big question

Unusual everyday thingsvia

This spiral staircase is sure to puzzle your mind. Just imagine you are standing there and you see this, which way will you choose?

4. Doesn’t this half baked bricks look like steaks?

Unusual everyday thingsvia

You can find similarities anywhere and anything you just need to have that eye.

5. A dried gluecicle

Unusual everyday thingsvia

The guy left the cap of the bottle loose and this happened overnight. The glue dried to form a gluecicle.

6. Wait, is the rainbow coming out of the dumpster?

Unusual everyday thingsvia

You just need to look around and nature can entertain you in various ways.

7. This petroglyph was just lying there unnoticed

Unusual everyday thingsvia

It was found while hiking through the Petrified Forest National Park. This could have historical importance but somehow went unnoticed.

8. Did someone photoshop that remote there?

Unusual everyday thingsvia

It looks like a poorly photoshopped stunt. I don’t know why the remote is looking so unnaturally placed on the

9. The shadow is so perfectly aligned with light pole

Unusual everyday thingsvia

It seems as if the two sides are different pictures clicked at different timings.

10. What a happy day when your slippers totally match the carpet!

Unusual everyday thingsvia

The similarity is so satisfying to look at. I am wondering if it’s a coincidence or he got that pair in sync with the carpet for satisfying himself. It’s an unusual habit though.

11. An unusual letter from 1836

Unusual everyday thingsvia

This is the letter from a relative. The letter was written one way across the page and then it was written at 90 degree angle, making it look like an ancient script.

12. The bench is constructed to conceal the rock underneath

Unusual everyday thingsvia

That was a great idea. Next time you have a crack or something on a floor you can hide it with a secret bench or hide your stash of money.


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