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20 Hilarious Self-Deprecating Therapy Conversation Tweets. -
Home HUMOR 20 Hilarious Self-Deprecating Therapy Conversation Tweets.

20 Hilarious Self-Deprecating Therapy Conversation Tweets.

20 Hilarious Self-Deprecating Therapy Conversation Tweets.

Almost everybody these days needs to go see a therapist. And before people start people with mental disorders as “abnormal”, you, my friend, should go see a therapist. So, all the people out there who have the wonderful (sorry wallet and bank accounts!) chance to meet a therapist, you’ll know how disappointed he looks at times when he sees you giving answers that put him back on square one. Well, by the looks of these therapy conversation tweets it looks like I’m not the only one who is disappointing my therapist out there!

These hilarious self-deprecating therapy conversation tweets will get you out of your anxiety, or maybe elevate it!

1. Well, it hurts when it feels like the woman who literally brought you to this world doesn’t love.
2. That is a pretty commonly used phase especially when nothing seems to be going right.

3. Espresso is the “nectar of the Gods” and, believe me, you’re one of the lucky few if you aren’t addicted to caffeine.

4. Seems like an okay answer.

5. Honestly, this “mood” has started to happen thrice a day now.

6. If you’re going to come up with an answer like that, you should know that he’s gonna ask you to end the session.

7. That’s definitely not show biz.

8. I pretty much did call it though.

9. Nope, not gonna happen, asking for help and ending up looking really stupid. No, thank you.

10. Please don’t say stuff like these in front of your therapist.

11. *says get out in Italian*


13. That always seems to help you.

14. Karl, buddy you need to stop.

15. Somebody with some sane reply looks like therapy is working for him.

16. Don’t Macarena through this, please. Or maybe do it, because what the hell.

17. At least you don’t give up on her, not now.

18. Kinda helps, but don’t become an alcoholic though.

19. Nut? Really?

20. Don’t do that, you’re only gonna regret it later!


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