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AI Creates Renaissance Portraits Of Our Favorite Actors. -
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AI Creates Renaissance Portraits Of Our Favorite Actors.

AI Creates Renaissance Portraits Of Our Favorite Actors.

Everybody has wondered once in a while how would they look in portraits. I mean, even if we’ve seen ourselves a gazillion number of times by clicking selfies, and pictures of us, it would surely feel different if we’d see ourselves in portraits. Now, let me step up the game by a level, how would it feel like if you could view yourself as a Renaissance portrait? I’m, sure it wouldn’t be anything like you absolutely look like, but, you’d definitely see yourself from a different view. Well, now you can, with the help of this AI portrait app you can view yourself as a portrait from the Renaissance period. So, would you like to take a look at your favorite celebs as Renaissance Portraits?

This AI program lets you turn into a 15th Century Portrait and it is absolutely awesome!

1. Jennifer Lawrence is simply gorgeous, and this portrait of hers is proof that simplicity is the best.

2. Our favorite Jon Snow, aka Kit Harrington, is surely looking like a nobleman from the North.

3. Lady Gaga, I don’t know about you, but she looks like she was born to break stereotypes and look phenomenal no matter what she does or wears on.

4. Ed Sheeren, he is really looking extremely gorgeous, born for music even back in the old days, eh?

5. Snoop Dog, well, though there were no portraits for the Black people back then, one can surely enjoy a gorgeous Renaissance portrait here in the 21st century.

6. Natalie Portman, she looks like this serious spy who is definitely has a lot going on in her mind and is afraid that her secret’s gonna be out any minute.

7. Adam Driver, why is he reminding me of that guy from Alice in Wonderland?

8. Jared Leto is legit looking like a portrait that resembles Jesus, good job!

9. Woody Allen looks like this genius scientist who is creating history as we speak.

10. Jack Nicholson, he legit looks like a Voyager who is about to set on his journey across the great seas.

11. Elon Musk, he definitely deserves a portrait made on him.

12. Keanu Reeves, he looks absolutely gorgeous even as a portrait from the Renaissance!


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