With only around two weeks to go for the big movie bonanza release of Avengers: Endgame, we have more and more creepy clips released from Marvel’s side to further peak our excitement levels.

Mostly production houses would release trailers to increase the hype but you know what, Marvel is different, very different. They instead released an in-movie clip of 74 seconds that were enough to pull water out of our mouth.

In the clip, we saw Natasha Romanoff, commonly known as Black Widow, her superhero name asking her mates to take a flight to visit Thanos and get stones out of his hands to reverse what happened in the previous movie when he did snap his fingers, let us not go down the emotional talk part.

Coming back to the main point, she says: “Even if there’s a small chance that we can undo this, we owe it to everyone who’s not in this room to try.” Following that, when Bruce asks others about why they think it will not be like the last time, the newbie Captain Marvel says: “Because before you didn’t have me” which led to an intense staredown between her and Thor.

Credit: Google

However, during the staredown as Thor was walking towards Danvers coming face to face with Captain Marvel, she was caught whispering ‘I have telepathy’. What does this mean? Does she have telepathy? Does anyone else have it? Are there ghosts of the ones who are gone in there? It was a creepy revelation and only time can tell what is going to happen next. All we can do is wait for the movie to release, please release soon, please, it is tough to wait until April 25.


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