Soldiers in the army are something of the place where we don’t find beautiful, handsome or anything. But well, of course, there can’t be no one beautiful. There are many armies with enough handsome men and beautiful women who would not make you believe that it is an army and would make you feel that’s some sort of a normal environment with enough beautiful soldiers.

Below we take a close look at those armies with these beautiful soldiers:

Romanian Army.


Romanian army might not be one of the most celebrated armies on the planet but they have a good sex ratio for their army.


According to a survey, the Eastern European nation leads the sexist ratio of women by 17% in the whole world.

Russian Army.



There are a whopping 10% women in the Russian army. They have around 115,000 to 160,000 female soldiers.


The reason why Russia comes in this list is that they have this Miss Russian Army contest in which the most beautiful soldier gets the crown.


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