Apple gadgets have notorious security measures that prevent phone from any external contact that might annoy the users. The high security definitely has the benefits as it avoids any conflict but what if that security function goes against you and costs you a jail time away from your device?

Credit: Google

As crazy as it sounds, meet the journalist Evan Osnos who somehow got locked out of using his own iPad because of his three-year-old who repeatedly entered the wrong passcode on iPad which caused the device to lock itself. iPad device on screen informed him that he has been locked out of using the phone for around twenty-five and a half million minutes, that can be traced out to a very understandable value – precisely, 47 years, yes, you read it right, forty-seven years of not being able to use your own iPad.

Noteworthy to state, Apple’s gadgets have a security measure installed that increase amount of time between attempts depending on the number of times incorrect passcode is entered. So basically, it states that the number of time you manage to enter the wrong passcode, more the number of time you will not be able to use your own Apple device. As much amazing the feature sounds to ensure your phone will not be misused by strangers, it can work out against you as it did for Evan.

Credit: Google

Understanding the security details of Apple devices, Evan’s son probably kept hammering the device away before smoothly passing it to dad. Well, the dad does not look too happy about it, eh.


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