Often people don’t realize that the choices they make can sometimes have a deep and irreversible impact of somebody’s life. These choices may not affect you much in the long run, but to someone, it may cost them their whole lives. One such ignorant choice making is purposely avoiding to follow or breaking the traffic rules. These heartbreaking illustrations portray how somebody’s decision to not stop at the STOP sign cost her, her fiance’s life.

Rules are made for a reason and these heartbreaking illustrations about a girl who lost her fiance because somebody didn’t stop at the Stop sign is a tragic prove of it.

1. Today was a really special day for her and she couldn’t get enough sleep the previous night because of her excitement.

2. But despite the lack of sleep, she woke up with a fresh mind and body.
3. Because today, was the day she was going to marry the love of her life, who was also her best friend of a lifetime.
4. She was extremely happy because after the long wait the day had finally arrived when she was going to marry her best friend.

5. She was in a hurry because she didn’t want to be late even by a minute. The love of her life was waiting for her.
6. Her father was waiting for her to get ready as well, even he was excited about the day.
7. Her daughter was dressed up in a beautiful wedding dress and was looking her prettiest.
8. She indeed glowed up like a bride should, holding the flower bouquet in her hand she walked towards her father to take his blessings.
9. Her father drove her to meet his groom, the love of her life.
10. But, today, her father was not going to walk her down the aisle, today she was not going to be somebody’s wife.
11. Her father was indeed by her side as he always has been since she was a little girl.

12. Looking upon his bride, Randy felt like he was the happiest man on Earth.
13. But, soon this smile was going to disappear, no vows would be exchanged, no rings would be exchanged, there will be no ceremonies.
14. Because the love of her life was gone, gone so far away that he only resides in her memories now.
15. Her Best friend, her groom, the love of her life, Randy Z Zimmerman, was no longer with her. 
16. This really aches my heart, so I’m gonna let her finish,

“Please, I beg each and every one of you that reads this post, WATCH FOR MOTORCYCLES, stop at stop signs and drive with care because you never know whose whole world is on that bike. Maybe if that person stopped, I’d be marrying my Randy, my best friend, the love of my life. I love you, Randy Z Zimmerman. Forever and always, we promised!”


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