There has always been a war between people if the earth is flat or round. As we all know and have studied, the earth is flat and it’s a scientific declaration dating years back. Galileo did this in the medieval times with enough proof that no one questioned him later. As a growing internet movement, people have started questioning it nowadays and there are many things like the Flat Earth Society that is hell-bent on proving that the Earth is flat regardless of the scientific theories that have been proved. Logan Paul trying to be a Flat Earther claims he’ll prove that the Earth is flat by visiting Antartica.

Below we share how can Logan Paul prove that the earth is flat:

Who is Logan Paul?


Even if you don’t know or have not used YouTube much you still might know this guy. Logan has around 19 million subscribers on Youtube and 16 million followers on Instagram. He’s the center of many things (mostly controversies) of many news articles you might read.

The Suicide Forest.

Like I mentioned above, he’s the center of many controversies and the biggest one he ever did was when he once visited a suicide forest in Japan at the beginning of 2018.


What happened was, while he was exploring the forest, he encountered a dead body (obviously) and rather than turning off the camera and informing officials, zoomed in and cracked a few jokes on it. He later posted the video on youtube without censoring and got into trouble.

So, that’s who Logan Paul is.



Logan has gone to many extents for gaining his fanbase and that involves numerous things like the suicide forest. So, now you have a rough idea of what Logan might do for his flat earth video.

A New Documentary Series.

Logan has released a new documentary series The Flat Earth: To The Edge and Back, in which he talks about him being a flat earther.

Is this another Publicity Stunt?


From what reputation precedes, you might be wondering if this is another one of his publicity stunts or does he really mean it.


Apparently, he might really be from the Flat Earther society because of his actions from a very long time. He has attended the Flat Earthers conference and spoken on its stage seriously like he actually means it.

He’s Interviewed, Robbie Davidson.


If you’re not familiar with the name, Robbie Davidson is the founder of the flat earth movement/international conference. Paul has interviewed him in the 2018 Flat Earthers conference.

He said relevant things to Robbie and made us believe he’s serious about it!


I am that person that will make it to the edge.

In case I’m going to put my name out there (as a Flat Earth supporter), I need to know the realities.

The absolute best researchers can’t clarify gravity; Neil Degrasse Tyson, Bill Nye, at last, do they by any chance know?

I need to investigate for myself and keep a receptive outlook. There is a shame of being a flat Earther and in case I will would it, I like to know the realities.

He’s actually going to Antartica!


Meanwhile, he’s looking to go to Antartica for proving that earth indeed is flat using god knows what all we can hope is he does something that makes even a bit of sense. With an audience size so huge he can’t afford this to be a big troll or joke he’s been playing with to gain views.


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