For all the play safe buggies who think twice before getting their USBs out from their computer, there is one-time saving news for you. Microsoft has taken their time out to confirm that Windows 10 now has a feature which is coined as ‘quick removal’ that allows you to wank out USB drives without wasting a moment of breath over safely ejecting it. What else? You don’t even have to change any settings for it because it has been included as a default setting, as stated to Microsoft’s very own support team.

Credit: Google

To be basic, what this feature does is simply try to flash drive in a continuous manner which helps you in pulling the drive out without providing any damage. This feature actually came out back in October but is ringing the halls now due to an announcement of notifying IT professionals regarding it.

Credit: Google

There has never been a clear explanation regarding does the USB flash drive really get any damage upon quick removal without ejecting it safely. However, nonetheless, for our pretty fans who very much care about their USB flash drives, you do not have to worry anymore. You can just connect your USB to your computer, sit back, do your work and remove it unconditionally without taking even a hint of worry. Enjoy your bad boy life safe buggies.


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