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Somebody Mixed Up Famous Rival Brand Logos And It's Confusing! -
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Somebody Mixed Up Famous Rival Brand Logos And It’s Confusing!

Somebody Mixed Up Famous Rival Brand Logos And It’s Confusing!

Brand Logos are really important especially when it comes to endorsing the brand’s popularity. But, let’s face it there is not just one brand providing with the same or similar product. But, what if these brands were to somehow collaborate and say, make friends with each other? Well, somebody thought that it would be hilarious if these they would mix up these rival brand logos and here is the outcome.

These mixed up famous rival brand logos are confusing as hell!

1. Whenever we talk of ice-cream we actually seek two famous brands Baskin Robbins and Dairy Queen,  it does look like it is it was already made for each other.

2. Well, this is a crossover that nobody really asked for, I’ll always be a Burger King person.

3. Whenever we speak of chocolates, there are only two companies that we talk about Cadbury and Hershey’s, but I still feel that Cadbury is much nicer than Hershey’s.

4. Domino’s and Pizza Hut, these two rival pizza companies have an open rivalry and we have often witnessed it, but, I’m sure they would’ve had a good laugh as well.

5. Well, would you look at that, seems like somebody is about to lose their mind!

6. Chick-A-Fil and Kentucky’s Fried Chicken are two leading brands when it comes to selling chicken fast food, and you just can’t decide who’s got the upper hand

7. Dunkin Donuts and Krispy Kreme are definitely the two best brands when and top at their game. But, which one’s the best?

8. I’m honestly a Thumbs-up person, but if you ask me I think Coca-cola’s better among the two.

9. Starbucks and Tim Horton’s are two best brands of coffee joints, but definitely two of the most expensive ones!

10. So, if you’re really fluent in ordering he exact sub or wrap that you want, then you would surely dare to order at these two places!
rival brand logos


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