Beauty is skin deep, well, that is what the world is coming to. But, the beauty industry, you so religiously believe into are definitely hiding tons of secrets from you. Well, they won’t let you in on these secrets, but we definitely will!

You’ll be really thankful after knowing these secrets that the beauty industry won’t tell you!

1. You should never wear your bra to bed.

No matter whatever special bra they develop for you wear all the time even in bed. Do not fall for that trap. Your breasts need to breathe and they often fall out of shape if you go to sleep wearing a bra.

2. Always use sunscreen while going out.

This is one hard and fast rule that you just can’t ignore if you really want to have a clear and beautiful skin. Don’t use anything less than an SPF 50 if you really want to maximize your skin routine results.

3. Don’t overdry your skin if you have inflammation on it.

Well, many of us don’t know about this. But, overdrying your skin can actually worsen the case of inflammation on your skin if you don’t be careful. Using clay masks and salicylic acid composition creams can help you achieve the best results.

4. Pay attention to your neck.

Your neck is a very important part which really demands your attention. When you apply sunscreen or any anti-aging cream make sure you’ve got your neck covered as well.


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