The man who is widely regarded as the strongest and most terrifying man on ‘Game of Thrones’, The Mountain, has surprisingly not just saved his strength for the fictional world. Alongside that, the giant in real life also managed to score a very big victory in a competition in Leeds.

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The thirty-year-old has managed to outrank his feats by annoying on Instagram: “Europe’s Strongest Man for the 5th time! So blessed to have such great people behind me! Team Iceland baby. Huge thank you to all my family, my beautiful wife and all my friends for all the help and support!!”

The Mountain carried out 10 reps of 770lbs weight to achieve the feat. As crazy as it sounds, this coming from a man who manhandled Oberyn, this comes as no surprise for the loyal ‘Game of Thrones’ fans.

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Björnsson, like every other human being, gave the credits rightly to his family. It inspired him to not just win the title of being the strongest man but also to give him the confidence to compete in such competitions.

Talking about his feat to Men’s Health, he says: “I think about everything I’ve done – all the hard work, sweat, and tears. And I think of my daughter [Theresa].”

Further speaking to Page Six, he reveals: “I can lift 1,000lb, and I eat 10,000 calories a day. I have to eat every two hours to maintain myself. I am flying there – but I can’t fit my hips or my legs in an economy seat, so I have to fly business… I have been working out every day to prepare for the competition.”

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For the Game of Thrones, we remind you again that the final season of the show will be out on April 14 next week, stay tuned to Sarcasm for the latest news about the same.


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