Girls have millions of their own problems, which they hardly share with anybody. No, not the big problems, but just the little and day-to-day life problems. Actually, their all problems are related with fashion and their lifestyle. Can’t get it? Okay, clap you eyes on the funny yet meaningful comics illustrated by a young Indian girl Akshara Ashok.

She has presented everyday struggle of a common girl in a beautiful way. Believe me, these comics are brutally honest and you can relate to them to a great extent.

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Can somebody please tell me how can I get over this struggle? They’re never equal or maybe mirror lies.

Umm, What happened to my patience? I have waited for hours, and now 3 seconds seem me like 3 days…Why I’m so desperate?

Ever did, no?

Thank you high waisted Jeans. You’re my saviour. I need you in my life more than anything else, literally.

Thank God, it’s not morning yet. Wait, let me check time again. Ahh, It is still night.  I can still sleep.

You know why I wear ankle length Jeans more often? Yes, for this reason. Wait, I’m just kidding. I actually love these Jeans.

Attention, my haters! You people need to understand this.

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Like she owns THE place* ugh made a mistake in the punch line. Also, get the fuck out of my face Susan!🤣Tag your best friend to remind them of Susan! . . . . . . . . #art #illustration #artist #draw #drawing #doodle #girl #daily #sad #me #relatable #cute #love #girlproblems #like #funny #fun #humor #follow #instagood #lol #tbt #instadaily #mood #meme #happy #smile #comic #comics #webcomic

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And, on 2nd January-  Also me, I’m  gonna enjoy my life the way I want.  This ‘New Year Resolution’ is all rubbish. Meant for kids.

Nothing new! You know only new things excite me. And now, I’m used to you very much.

Sweatpants, have you cast a spell on me? No? Then, why I’m so much in love with you?

When food is your Bae.

God, this is not fair. Why I’m so short??

Sighhh, this tummy pain!! Half of my life went standing in front of a mirror and figuring out this, literally.


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