I guess puberty only has a liking for really rich people and of course our favorite celebs (who are definitely rich!). But, sometimes, puberty does hit people like a truck and the following celebs are definitely the living proof of it.

You’ll definitely be wondering whether it was puberty or magic that transformed your favorite celebs from nobody to “oh, my god, now that’s hot”

1. Zac Efron.

I know you will definitely not believe me, but this is 100% true.

2. Rashida Jones.

Yes, I’m starting to believe it to be true.

3. George Clooney.

So you’re telling me this is what the international favorite star looked like before he was showered with the blessings of puberty?

4. January Jones.

Is it only partial with white and rich people? Asking for a friend.

5. Joe Manganiello.

Well, I’m beginning to wonder what did we do wrong?


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