Let’s face it, Android is better than iOS. First of all, it is really affordable and second of all, it is not as complicated as the android. Now, there are obviously a few Android features more like, secret tips and tricks that you should definitely know about!

Only the Android geeks know these handy Android features and now it is time for you to know them too!

1. Quick notification access.

It isn’t always possible for you to swipe through all the important notifications to get to something that you need. The quick settings menu gives you that getaway. Just use two of your fingers to make a downward swipe on your screen and your notifications bar and the quick settings menu will open.

2. Show touches.

This is for the YouTubers as well, sometimes when you try to demonstrate something, you often can’t really pinpoint which buttons you’re actually using. For this, you need to enable the display touch points feature. Go to settings>developer>input>show touches.

3. Grayscale mode. 

This definitely helps in reducing eye strain. All you gotta do is enable the grayscale mode on your PDF converter which replaces the bright colors with monochromatic hue.


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