Advertisements can be annoying. Especially when they come in the middle of something you are watching. Practically every brand is in the rat race created by capitalism and is doing every possible thing it can to sell its product to a wider audience every. The amount of money they spend on advertisements is sometimes unimaginable. As a consequence, to get ahead and be unique in their own way, some brands create better advertisements. One might not like the product but one cannot stop liking their advertisements. Clever advertisements are the key for the brands to get talked about. In this case, along with advertising on televisions, word of mouth also reads and more and more people watch those advertisements.


Here is a list of some advertisements you can not guess what they are about until the very end.

1. Someone, please do this in my city.

They made the boring street a happening place indeed.

2.  There is no way you could guess this one.

Isn’t it mind-blowing? BRB laughing at my own pun. The advertisement was too random though. Far too random. How do people even come up with these things? I want what they smoked.

3. These kids are talented

Should have guessed by the color of the girl’s dress though. BRB awkwardly moving my eyebrows.

4. We bet you can’t guess what this advertisement is about

Yeah, the heading was a hint. I am awesome.


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