Girls aren’t really that expressive when it comes to showing making the first move. Especially if she’s a shy girl, it’ll take a while before you know whether she’s actually interested in you or not. But, all you got to do to be is have patience and look out for these signs!

If she likes you, a shy girl will definitely show these signs!

1. She’ll be dressing up differently.

shy girl

Let’s be real, girls who are absolutely introverts barely ever care about what they’re wearing cause they don’t really think anybody will be interested in talking to them. But, when she starts to like you, she’ll pay attention to what she’s wearing when you’re around or will begin to dress differently.

2. Starts putting makeup on

Like I said, shy girls don’t really care much about their looks, they basically go, Plain Jane, all the time. But, if you really have her attention she’ll start putting on makeup to maybe look more appealing to you or catch your eye.

3. She doesn’t hesitate to tease you.

Getting comfortable enough for a girl like her to tease you means she’s definitely into you.

4. You’ll see her and her friends giggling as you stroll by.

Don’t worry, you aren’t the laughing stock boy. These girls are talking about you and probably know that she’s into you. So, play it cool and take good advantage of this and get your girl.

5. She asks you for help or offers you her help.

Girls aren’t really open about saying that they really like a guy out loud, what they do instead is ask for your help or offers to help you out in your projects or anything. What they basically mean is they would love to spend some extra time with you.

6. You catch her looking at you.

We all do this despite we get noticed or not, looking at the one you like is definitely worth the rush. If you catch her red-handed looking at you and shying away as soon as your eyes meet, please make the first move.

7. She laughs at your cheesy jokes.

Men love it when they can make a girl laugh, sort of strokes their male ego really nicely if you ask me, but that doesn’t mean that your jokes are always hilarious. Sometimes, girls do this when they like you to want to know more about you.

8. She just can’t stop texting you.

Okay, thank god that somebody really understood the pain of having a face to face conservation and made texting apps, for people who have a hard time connecting when together find it much more comfortable to chat endlessly through texts.

9. She seems happy and free when she’s around you.

A shy girl will be within herself and the only time you’ll see her giggling is when she’s with her girl group. But, if she’s free and herself when she’s around you, definitely means that she’s into you!

10. She doesn’t hesitate to make physical contact.

Image result for girl holding hands

Yes, for a shy girl, physical contact is a really big deal, when she doesn’t feel uncomfortable while making physical contact with you, it means you’ve made a place in her heart.


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