Art in its raw form is absolutely mesmerizing, especially when it gets a blend with reality. I remember watching The Sorcerer’s Apprentice and was absolutely dumbstruck when Dave had perfectly lined up a King Kong sketch with the Empire State Building. Well, that is old news. But, this artist has actually learned the art of blending reality with drawings to create mind-blending photographs and we absolutely love it!

Artist Pietro Caudella creates mind-blending photographs by blending his drawings with reality!

1. Finally, we all know what is Martha’s head made of! Now, I can definitely live in peace.
mind-blending photographs
2. This is undoubtedly Oggy’s elder brother, looking for those nasty little cockroaches, are you?

3. You’d be surprised to know how long can I stretch my neck, I bet this would impress Gloria.

4. Whoa, I’m really spellbound with his creativity, this looks absolutely surreal. Only a few people are blessed with such talent!
5. Anybody care for some orange juice? Here have some of mine.

6. Be careful fisherman, this may be a siren pulling you into her trap. But, aside from that, this art is simply magnificent.

7. How magical would it be if we could witness this, but you can have art to make the impossible come to life.

8. If you don’t realize what this means, then you and I can’t be friends. Dude, Stranger Things!

9. Believe me, coming across a message in a bottle has been my dream all my life, I hope this comes true someday.

10. Does anybody need a pencil? It is going to be rather a long one let me tell you.

11. Yep Mulan, practice those moves, you need to be sharp.

12. I didn’t think this would even be possible, but way to go Spiderman!

13. And now you know that someone is holding a painting brush up above.

14. Who needs a can when you have the supply anyway?

15. Aww, Dumbo, your ears are somebody’s joy ride!
16. That is simply magnificent, best one so far.


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