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Artist Creates Horror Comics With Absolutely Unexpected Endings. -
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Artist Creates Horror Comics With Absolutely Unexpected Endings.

Artist Creates Horror Comics With Absolutely Unexpected Endings.

All of us love comics, but how many of you dare to read or even have a glance at horror comics. No, there won’t be any jumpscares I assure you, but some of these are really going to give you the creeps. You may not see the ending coming but one thing’s for sure, you’re going to experience some pretty spine chilling comics, so, read ahead at your own risk!

Taiwanese artist Edd Lai has created horror comics with absolutely unexpected endings!

1. Demons only take away what you love with all your heart, and now the truth is out. Good luck with playing with your girlfriend!
horror comics
2. Talk about the demons from your past, be careful of what you do to others because one day it might haunt you forever.

3. Not all surprises are good and adorable, some can even scare the soul out of you, pr even freeze your blood. Feel that lump in your throat?

4. Sometimes, children are not afraid of the monsters under the bed, you should be the one who should be absolutely afraid.

5. Well, I was definitely not ready for that, this is really creeping me out now!

6. Wow, that is definitely a nice way to show the reality, working parents, please make time for your kids don’t make them get possessed by the devil in order for you to pay attention to them.

7. Mothers are the only ones who can get you away from all evils, no matter what, follow your mother’s voice.

8. Be careful of writing the movie spoilers, neither the Devil nor the fairies will like that you know.

9. Whoa! If this doesn’t make you a little bit creeped out, congratulations you have no horror bone in your body.

10. Oh My God! You don’t have to punish everybody to make them feels your pain!

11. Thank God I didn’t stretch out my long neck, so, I’m safe. Are you?

12. Girls are not all Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice you know!

13. Stop doing this to your children, seriously.

14. This reminds me of Mrs. Mary Malone. Remember her anyone?

15. Not all Vodoo Dolls should be used to do harm.


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