The Royal wedding has been one of the most important events of the year. But, this wedding was not something you had seen last year. This wedding created history in proving that when somebody decides to stay with someone and love someone no power on Earth can separate the two. But, something that really fascinated us, girls, was how Meghan Markle, with no royal blood, proved that she was every bit the Royalty.

The transformation of Meghan Markle from a red carpet diva to Royalty is totally stunning!

1. Classy is something that the Red carpet diva always knew how to pull off!

Meghan Markle

2. I’m sure we all remember her shining without the limelight even when she was just acting.

3. Now, that’s what beauty and class look like when out for a cause. She definitely looks a royalty right here!

4. You can always differentiate between a girl and a woman by how she wears her black dress!


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