Ex-boyfriends are exes for a reason, I mean, if they were so perfect you wouldn’t find the need to break up. But, as much as boys love to label ex-girlfriends as psychos, boys are way weirder. Sometimes, you feel like sending your gratitude to all the old gods and the new ones for getting them out of your life. But, honestly, when you look back on these incidents they’ll definitely have you laughing for a good couple of minutes. So, grab your popcorn and be prepared to have an ache in your stomach after you read these hilarious things that the ex-boyfriends did!

These ex-boyfriends did absolutely weirdest things in their relationships that deserve an award asap!

1. Wow, that is some way to give gifts to make the person pay for it themselves. Might come in handy someday!

2. That is what you call, “A Big Baby”, my friends, thank god you dumped him girl!

3. Excuse me? How old is he? Six? Honestly, these people can never do anything in their lives.

4. Honestly, that is one big red flag right there, and even if he was lying, that’s a creepy excuse.

5. Did you purposely do something to assume she was? Hoping, that she wasn’t!

6. Another classic example of paying for your own gift, I mean seriously, get earning you useless piece of shit!

7. Wow, that is some excuse bro, and she definitely had her quota of weird guys I hope!

8. Speaking of being immature, that is one desperate call for attention, how I wish boys knew what growing up meant.

9. I hope, you didn’t get back together with him? He’s just pathetic.

10. He should’ve married those teaspoons instead. Seriously!

11. Um, yeah, like everything you say goes. Boy, bye.

12. Had I been in your place I would’ve thrown the money at his face.

13. Talk about monsters under the bed.

14. Wow, if you’re going to lie, at least make sure you lie good enough.

15. That is the height of lame excuses to reconcile!


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