In order to get a boost in the show business, and to attract numerous fans, celebrities often change up their names. There are a lot of famous people who have shortened their names or changed it completely after entering the world of entertainment, and it is understandable. When you have an ordinary name, it may stop you from standing out among others. Also when you have a name that is extremely long, people may have a hard time remembering it, and when you’re that famous you would like to be remembered by millions.

Since these celebrities have been using their stage names almost throughout their stardom, it would be understandable for you to not know their birth names despite being their fans. Today, we will be helping you in getting to know about the real names of these celebrities that you love and adore. So even if you were unaware of it before, we can guarantee you that you won’t be anymore. Without further ado, let’s find out the real names of some immensely popular celebrities.

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Here are some surprising real names of celebrities,


1. Prince Harry

Real Name: Henry Charles Albert David



2. Ashton Kutcher

Real Name: Christopher Ashton Kutcher



3. Brad Pitt

Real Name: William Bradley Pitt


4. Bruno Mars

Real Name: Peter Gene Hernandez



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