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Game Of Thrones: Night Was Too Dark For Fans -
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Game Of Thrones: Night Was Too Dark For Fans

Game Of Thrones: Night Was Too Dark For Fans

The most awaited episode of Game of Thrones, titled the ‘Battle of Winterfell’, finally aired on Sunday, 28th April which includes major storylines for the rest of series.

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But the cinematography of the episode met with intense criticism. Immediately after the long night ended, social media brooded with many grievances about the show. See the reaction below:

As we all know Game of Thrones is a dark fantasy series which includes violence, death, torture, ambition for power and throne but it is not mean to be literally dark as it is shown in the recent episode.

Many viewers found the episode darker than what Red Woman had predicted in her vision and was nearly unwatched because the light was too dim.

At the beginning of the episode, people could not even figure out what going on at the battlefield. Many fans tweet that ‘#thank to Red Woman for bringing some light in the dark night’.

Some were disappointed with the passive role of Bran and lack of leadership in Dany and others were unhappy with dim light during the episode which made it difficult to watch.

Many claimed that they had to rewatch some part of the episode because they couldn’t understand it for the first time in the chaotic battle between the whites and the army.

Everyone was so excited about 3rd episode of Game of Thrones but after watching it Fans expressed increasing frustration over not being able to fully see everything that’s going on during the battle.

On the other hand, not every Game of Thrones fan had issues regarding the light choice. Many viewers started firing back at those who argued about the darkness in the episode and said that no should have been surprised by the lack of light as the title of the episode is ‘The Long Night’.

Despite all complaints, unexpected moments in the episode are really bright enough for fans and the climax of the episode is another big twist in the story. As the great war has been won, we hope Game of Thrones fan could find some light in the next episode.


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