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These Stars From Hollywood Don't Use Makeup -
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These Stars From Hollywood Don’t Use Makeup

These Stars From Hollywood Don’t Use Makeup

Ever thought of going out without makeup or take a  selfie without it and post it to social media? Gross, right? Such goes for celebrities at more extreme levels than you because you don’t have millions of people watching every step of yours. Hollywood celebrities including actresses, singers, etc. all go up on stages and sets and shoot for all our entertainment stuff. We wouldn’t want to see acne, and other not so perfect aspects of the face on the screen obviously. That’s what makeup is for, but there are sometimes that these stars don’t use makeup and we can appreciate what they look like without makeup on. They’re even too beautiful without any kind of makeup on.

Below we see Hollywood Stars who don’t use makeup:

1. Demi Lovato.


Demi is one of the faces that prefers additions to her face as low as possible and the one that posts a #NoMakeupSelfies every Monday.

2. Gwyneth Paltrow.


She didn’t wear any shades or anything while she was with Carl Lagerfeld! Just think about her self-beauty and her confidence in it.

3. Lady Gaga.


She’s so hard to recognize and totally another person when she’s not on makeup and that’s lovely!

4. Bella Throne.


She’s one of the people whom you’ll see without makeup most of the times. Let’s take some time to appreciate her flawless face.

5. Ellen Pompeo.


One of the world’s best specialists (in Gray’s Anatomy, at least) has no opportunity to stress over cosmetics on her three day weekend.

6. Jessica Alba.


Jessica Alba who owns a beauty firm with the top of the line products doesn’t need anything on her face to look beautiful.

7. Gigi Hadid.


She’s a supermodel without any cosmetic specialties.

8. Bella Hadid.


Being gorgeous and amazing is just something that Hadid family is an expert in.

9. Beyonce.


She doesn’t need any makeup for writing those amazing songs.

10. Drew Barrymore.


Another one of the stars who are famous for not using anything to look more beautiful.

11. Hillary Duff.


Lizzie McGuire, from your childhood, is still so amazing. You can still have a crush on her.

12. Ellen Page.


Just a normal girl who’s spending her day with her dog without any cosmetics.

This list was pretty much enough for you to know which starts use makeups as low as possible. Obviously, no star can be a star without using it but perfection is using it as less as possible. These and some other stars checked all the columns of beauty without using any products.


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