Marvel Cinematic Universe has some of the amazing female characters who are a badass in the series. But no one can ignore the fact that some Hollywood actress is just so smoking hot and fabulous on screen and in real life as well. They certainly can kill the bad guys and their enemies by their guns, swords or other stuff but one thing is for sure that they can kill their lovers with just a simple look.

So here is the list of 24 Sizzling Hollywood Actress From Marvel Universe That Every Fans Dream Of

Sharon Carter – Emily van Camp

She is well known for her work as a Hollywood actress in Everwood, Brothers & sisters, Revenge and more. Captain America was her debut film to be known as an MCU and now she is popular enough.

Hope Van Dyne –  Evangeline Lilly

Evangeline Lilly is very Talented and gorgeous at the same time. She has given awesome performances in her career and she also played Hope Van Dyne in Ant-man as well.


Misty Knight –  Simone Missick

She is popular among the known Black women who are leading in the Tv as well as Movies. She has worked in A Taste of Romance. Making a Debut in Marvel TV series was an impressive choice and she got the role as a detective in series Luke Cage.


Agent Maria Hill – Cobie Smulders

An actress who is stunning looking and a well-known character from the hit series How I met your mother where she played Robin Scherbastky also she played Agent Maria Hill in MCU. Though it was a supporting role she was amazing with it as well.

Scarlet Witch – Elizabeth Olsen

She made her debut in Avengers from Age of Ultron to play Scarlett Witch who first decided to team up with the evil AI Ultron. Soon they realized that she has made a terrible mistake and joined ‘The Avengers’. She is also in a relationship with the Vision.


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