We all have our favorite actors and we see them on screens delivering some of the best performances. But, how much do we know about our favorite actors? About their lives and how adorable they are in reality. These actors have made us adore them even more surprising number of times, and I’m sure you’d be loving them even more as well.

Here are some of the surprising times our favorite actors made us adore them beyond limits!

1. Jennifer Lawrence.

Jennifer Lawrence proved that if you love something to go to any length to achieve it, you will. After failing two auditions for the role in the Winter’s Bone, she decided to go take a Red-Eye to New York and finally landed the role.

2. Morgan Freeman.

The legendary actor is truly a sweetheart in all terms and truly a genuine human being. He turned his ranch of 124 acres to a Bee Sanctuary. He has no intention of harvesting the honey for commercial purposes. He just wants to do his part in saving the bee population.

3. Robert de Niro.

This man deserves all the praise in the world when it comes to his passion for acting. He actually transforms himself into the character he’s playing. He got professionally trained in boxing to play Jake LaMotta in Raging Bull.

4. Courtney Cox.


The F.R.I.E.N.D.S. actress is truly a warm-hearted Monica in real life as well. She let Ed Sheeran live at her place in Malibu, he stayed there for several months and Ed revealed that Courtney made sure that he feels at home.

5. Jason Momoa.

If you want to learn how to improvise when there are not many options lying around, Jason Momoa should be your Guru. He decided to perform the Haka dance for his Game Of Thrones audition and we all know what happened next.

6. Robert Downey Jr.

He truly is a savior, an old lady tripped off of her wheelchair and had a Hemorrhage but Robert Downey Jr rushed to her aid and tied her wound with his jacket and distracted the lady till the ambulance arrived, he even asked her not to forget her and gave her his number so that they could catch up later.

7. Jim Carey.

Somebody truly said that the man who makes everyone smile has often struggled a lot. He had to work 8 hours after school just at the age of 12 to support his family.

8. Kit Harrington.

Back in the initial days of his Game Of Thrones acting career, he was dating a girl and one evening they went to McDonald’s a couple of guys started misbehaving with her and so Kit stood up for his girl. Though he ended up with a Black eye he did what a man should’ve done.

9. Emilia Clarke.

It wasn’t easy for Emilia Clarke either before Game Of Thrones she had to work 6 jobs to pay her rent and get through the month. But, after the Game Of Thrones audition, her life changed completely.


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