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Times When Social Media Showed No Mercy To Liars -
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Times When Social Media Showed No Mercy To Liars

Times When Social Media Showed No Mercy To Liars

Social media is full of fake posts and images. There are many people who post such stupid things and there are still many people who share or reTweet these posts without really getting under the post. Most of them just casually forward messages and even put Likes on them. They don’t even notice what they are doing, be it in Facebook, Tweeter or Instagram. Fortunately, these posts also serve as a kind of entertainment for many. While some of these posts are out there since there are people who like to seek attention, try to be funny, or make a show-off, etc, they can help you come out of boredom and make life exciting. While most of these lies and fakes bypass scrutiny some really get called out hard on social media.

Take for example the image that was posted on social media. It was the image of a store in 1979. The person who posted this image said that it is from 1979. However, it showed that Powerade was selling in the store. How the heck can Powerade sell in a store in 1979! There was no Powerade such a long time back. That was really called out loud.

There are attention seekers galore in Social Media. People pretend to do something that can convey warm feelings towards them. However, some of them do it so brazenly that they get caught. However, there are times when they don’t just get caught, but also called out loudly.

Copying and posting celebrity chats can be quite risky as was seen in a Facebook post. The person tried to act smart and tried to mimic the chat between Robert Downey Junior and Television host as a chat between himself and the hairdresser. However, people are quite up to date about celebrity talks and social media users promptly rose up on their feet to call out this falsity loudly.

Need more laugh stock? Do check the instances of calling out of Social Media Bluffs below

Image Credits : Reddit