A Twitter user named ‘Twinks’ started the trend of sharing the stupidest thing women have done under the influence of hormones. Soon other women joined and posted their embarrassing stories making it a viral trend. One thing to remember is hormones don’t make us crazy they just nudge us in a way that makes us fall in an uncomfortable situation.

Image Source: tinytwink

1. It was a lucky day for Fred

How hormones work

At least a donkey got its home safely.

2. “He ate my biscuit”

How hormones work

If you have not heard crazy yet, this is a story you should be read. She left her husband’s home because she could not find the cookie she was looking forward to all day.

3. That was a hell of a scene

How hormones work

And what was it for? Nothing. Hormones can really play with your mind.

4. I guess I would have done the same

How hormones work

The poor lady waited for hours to buy that cheesecake and husband is showing her tantrums. What else would you expect?

5. Don’t annoy the crazy mother

How hormones work

When women are under the hormonal influence they just tend to throw things.

6. Breakdowns are normal

How hormones work

But slipping on a prawn is hilarious.

7. That was dope

The husband never got to watch the full funeral.

8. Dude, people should get their priorities right

How hormones work

What hormones can make women do is unexplainable. They can go from 0 to extra-hyper to crying in seconds.

9. This is the ‘Phoebe’ case from FRIENDS

How hormones work

Babies can make you crave things even which you have never tasted.

10. “Cold Cupboard” is an interesting take on the fridge

How hormones work

Well, he was not insensitive. We got that in the word “understably.”

11. Did she get home with the Kit-Kat though?

How hormones work

Otherwise, it’s a total loss. Wasting a day over a vending machine.

12. This girl got no chill

How hormones work

She spoiled the whole food. Even the poor husband didn’t get anything to eat. He must be really understanding.