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LOLable Parenting Tweets That Will Make You Laugh Loudly -
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LOLable Parenting Tweets That Will Make You Laugh Loudly

LOLable Parenting Tweets That Will Make You Laugh Loudly

Being a parent of a newborn is probably the best feeling in the world. isn’t it? It is indeed a bliss that everyone wants to experience in their life. However, this bliss remains a bliss only till the moment when your baby is an infant. Afterwards, it becomes literally an headache. Seriously, parenting is not an easy job. It takes lots of patience, sacrifices, and ability to deal with the utter nonsense. Don’t believe us? Okay, read these 15 funny tweets that screams loudly the struggle of parenting in the most funny way.

1- How pathetic life has become, literally.

2-I could never muster up the courage to say this to my wife and my little son has said it fearlessly. My son, what kind of superpower you have? 

3- This has to be called the most romantic date. Just kidding. BTW, romance??? what is this? It doesn’t exist anymore once a kid is born.

4- Yes, I better spend money on a vacation but not on these silly gifts.

5- I should have taken this step earlier. Life would have been more peaceful. At least a bit.

6- Now, I’m gonna to be murdered. Please pray for me. BTW, the truth came out from my mouth.

7- I hope you’ll listen at least 1% what I’m trying to say after telling you such a  many times. Because, after this, maybe my hands will start speaking. 

8- Life can’t be more pathetic than this, seriously. 

9- Why are people so concerned about my child? Yeah, I’m a frustrated parent but I do take care of my child. 

10- Need my review on kids? A Big NO.  

11- What did you just say? break-up hurts? Okay, then you need to meet kids. Believe me, your thinking will change because there is something more painful than that. 

12- See, Even 6-year-old girl reacts to me like this. I literally need to get a life.

13- Wow! Just wow. What a cool idea. Believe me mate, you’ll do a huge favour on poor parent like us. 

14- Seriously, I could never get the answer of this question. God should have created them this way.

15- I wonder whether he is my son or my father. Ah, don’t go too far. Of course, I’m taking in term of folding fitted sheets.