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Brutally Honest Comics That Depict The Common Problems Of A Girl -
Home HUMOR Brutally Honest Comics That Depict The Common Problems Of A Girl

Brutally Honest Comics That Depict The Common Problems Of A Girl

Brutally Honest Comics That Depict The Common Problems Of A  Girl

Nobody is completely happy and satisfied with life. No? Especially, girls have millions of things to complain about. From their clothes to their food and from their makeup to their relationship, their everyday struggle can never end. To be honest, only girls can deal with these difficulties.

A Belgium based illustrator Bella Sriwantana perfectly sums up these little struggles through her funny yet realistic comic. Girls, you can surely relate to them with a smile on your face.

See, even your BF knows that you can. Then, why are you overacting?


Well, Jumpsuits are not always comfortable.


All thanks to my reliable mascara. BTW, he doesn’t look that bad either.


This is funny, indeed.


How do they get such a fluffy ponytail?? Still, a myth for me. I look weird with a ponytail.


Between the battle of me and my food, my food always wins. No matter how hard I try.


Thank God, finally, I found you. Oh my phone, you have no idea that you’re my oxygen. Why you always get stuck here and there.


My blanket is my biggest saviour when I’m sleeping. No matter how old I’m, I’m still afraid of these silly things.


Not a good idea, seriously. I need to drop it right away. Running is not at all easy.


I literally hate him for this particular reason. He never misses a chance to make me look like an idiot.


It is no less than a heart attack for girls. Hit me with a bullet but no needles please.


Oh man, I really feel bad for you. You know it happens when you’re being a too good BF. BTW, choosing the right shade of lipstick is not an easy task, seriously. Now, who can understand this pain better than you. No?


No. I’m not being mean. you’re actually ruining our friendship because nothing is free in this world, darling.


Ouchhh, this is such a pain. Can’t the strokes of brush just get in the right place?


Because, pretty things are meant to be stored, at least for some time.