Children are definitely the purest souls on Earth, and if a child’s smile doesn’t make you forget all your worries then I’m not sure you’re normal. Children are really adorable when it comes to giving love, they always know what love is, you don’t even need to teach them that and these heartwarming photos will show what the innocence of a child is.

These heartwarming photos show that children are indeed the most adorable things in the world!

1. There is no child in the world who doesn’t love small animals, look how happy he is looking!

2. Children don’t judge or discriminate others, they just know love and friendship and care for others. It’s the adults who make things complicated.
3. Aww, he has my entire heart, look how innocently he’s trying to help that rabbit statue get up and be with his friends!
4. Every child needs appreciation now matter who they are or what they are trying to do.
5. Oh, breaks my heart, but overwhelmed at the same time, they thought he was clicking their pictures!

6. I wish kids would stay kids, innocence is definitely a synonym for childhood.
7. What may seem really normal might be astonishing for them.
heartwarming photos8. Children are happy with the little that they have, it doesn’t take much to make a child happy.
9. Not just human kids, all kids are innocent and are a bundle of love and joy.

10. This girl definitely has the biggest heart, she slept under the bed so that her toys could get a nice sleep.
11. Aww, that must be her first catch!
12. Dogs and children, nothing in the world can compare to the joy that these two can give.


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