There are pretty much too many models in today’s time and being one is a hard job as well. Every time you listen to the word model as a profession all you can imagine are good looking men and women with a good fashion sense. But not all models can be models for just these things, some are different. Some have a different fashion sense (maybe even weird).

These unusual models are the ones we are going to talk about below:

1. Is this a Man or a Woman?


39-year-old Casey Legler is a woman of 6’2″ who has her contract as a male Ford model and not as a woman. She models in menswear.

2. A model of 6’8″.


Amazon Eve is the world’s tallest model with a huge height of 6’8″ and makes all her fellow models look like dwarfs. She’s 39 years old.

3. Ex-Marine turned Model.


Alex Minsky is a retired Marine corporal turned model. He was an ex-marine but lost his right leg when hit by a bomb in Afghanistan in 2009; his leg was amputated.

4. The cross-eyed model.


Moffy is one of the models to not be any different having the perfect figure and face. What makes her unusual is that she’s cross-eyed. That didn’t stop her from pursuing her career and here she is.


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