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Reasons Why You Should Marry Your BFF -
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Reasons Why You Should Marry Your BFF

Reasons Why You Should Marry Your BFF

It is your life and it is for your own good that you need to marry someone whom you have known for many years. Who else do you know for such a long time apart from your best friend?

It makes sense to marry your BFF right?

1. They let you to be yourself



If you are dating someone you have not known for long, it certainly imports a level of artificiality into the relation. If you are with your best friend, you can be yourself.

2. No need to dress nice


Your BFF has already seen in a variety of attire. Certainly, you don’t need to dress nicely to be in your best self when you are with your best friend.

3. You don’t need to cook


Your culinary skills are already known to your best friend. So rest assured, your skills are not going to get tested.

4. Can crack jokes


It is really difficult to crack jokes when you are dating someone new. Your best friend is already habituated to these and he will never mind your jokes.

5. No need to share beds


There is no obligation among best friends, and if you don’t want, you don’t need to share your bed with your best friend.

6. Sharing everything


Sharing relationship and other secrets is the most difficult job. With the BFF it is not a problem at all.

7. No need to censor your lifestyle


If you have a somewhat queer or eccentric lifestyle, you are at ease with your BFF.

8. Sexual appeasement is not compulsory


It is common to long for physicality when a relation is blooming. With your best friend around, you don’t feel that craze.

9. Never get too annoying


Best friends are time tested personalities. They are well aware of each others’ likes and dislikes. It is not going to get too much annoying when you are with your BFF.

10. It is unconditional love


The love between two best friends is unconditional. One does not need to impress upon the other to help love bloom.