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Strongest Women Often Feel The Most Broken. -
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Strongest Women Often Feel The Most Broken.

Strongest Women Often Feel The Most Broken.

Women, the society may perceive her as a delicate flower petal who couldn’t even survive a strong gush of wind. But, we all know how strong and brave women have been ruling the world. I’m not saying that being delicate and extremely feminine like is something wrong, but not everybody can be a headstrong, independent woman who lives only by her own rules and doesn’t hesitate for what she thinks is right. But, you know, sometimes even the strongest women can be weak and broken inside.

The strongest women often will the most broken inside but nobody ever notices!

1. She is too strong to share her problems with others.

Sometimes, our inner demons can make us lose our peace of minds, and sharing them with somebody definitely takes the edge off. It may not solve the problem entirely, but it can definitely make you feel a little less miserable. But strong women don’t do that.

2. The only person she relies on is herself. 

If you’re the woman we’re referring to, then you can relate to this, we know how the world works, so the only person we can rely on is ourselves and therefore it hurts more since we can’t simply just ask for help.

3. She can listen to everybody unveil their secrets but rarely ever does that for herself.

strongest women

A strong woman will always be there for others when they need her help, even if it is to vent to their heart’s content, good or bad, she’ll always be there to listen, but when it’s her turn to open up to someone, she will take a step back.

4. They don’t want to burden anybody with their problems.

Whatever comes their way, they’ve learned to deal with it, and therefore no matter how big the problem is they will never ever burden anybody else with it. They make the fight against the problem with every inch of their power but never disclose about their problems to people.

5. In order to care for others, she forgets to take care of herself.

One of the biggest injustice that we do with ourselves is that in the process of learning to put the need and care of others first, we tend to miss out on taking care of ourselves, not realizing that we may be doing harm for ourselves in the long run.

6. She rarely ever shows her vulnerable side.

That is why they are referred to as the strongest women right? The moment they begin to show their vulnerable side, people begin to take advantage of that, but, in the process, they may be toying with their cardiovascular health.

7. Her strength may be a tragedy.

Nobody chooses to be this distant from others, building up a wall around themselves if it is not for a tragedy. She may have gone through something really terrible for them to be who they are, the story, that you are yet to know.


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