A peep inside the celebrity lifestyle and a roundup of celebrity news is a daily dose for many. But that is all the stuff you need to be content with. You are debarred from making further inroads into their private life. Nevertheless, here is an app that can at least let you discover how your favorite celebrities would look like when they grow old.

You can do this by using their photograph and choosing a lot of optional items in the FaceApp. This app is helping thousands share their old age photo with others. It can also help you discover how your favorite celebrities would look when they grow old. So whom do you want to try this app on? How about trying it on the Kardashians, one of the most celebrated families in America!

Let’s see how the Kardashian family members would look like when they grow old.

The app shows that the family members do change facial and skin tone as they age. However, not all of them seem to age equally gracefully. It seems that Kendal Jenner, the last but one Kardashian sibling, would age rather gracefully.

Kylie would be able to hold on to her appeal even after 20 years as well. It also seems that the mother of the Kardashian siblings, Kris Jenner, also may hold on to that spark that has ignited the careers of her six children.

She not only would age gracefully, but she will also hold on to the charm. However, not all her offsprings seem to be doing that in their old ages.

Take for example, Kim Kardashian, she does not seem to age as gracefully as Kender Jenner or even their mother Chris Jenner.

Even Khloe Kardashian and Kanye West seem not to age as gracefully as their mother or other siblings.

However, it seems that Kourtney Kardashian can hold on their mother’s reputation for being s3xy and attractive even at old age.

Image Credits: FaceApp