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Woman Celebrates Her Divorce By Throwing A Luxury Divorce Party! -
Home ENTERTAINMENT Woman Celebrates Her Divorce By Throwing A Luxury Divorce Party!

Woman Celebrates Her Divorce By Throwing A Luxury Divorce Party!

Woman Celebrates Her Divorce By Throwing A Luxury Divorce Party!

Catherine Navarro, 34, from New Jersey, USA, couldn’t divorce her husband straight away as he disappeared, never to return. But when she did finally manage to get the long awaited divorce, she didn’t hold back from celebrating it by throwing a luxury divorce party! Read on to know more.Divorce Partyvia

Area manager Catherine Navarro was just 20 when she married her now ex-husband Marc in 2005, it was all haste and hurry as the whole wedding was planned in a matter of weeks, and that was all the time she took to take the biggest decision of her life! If only she knew that this hasty decision was an incoming call for a lot of court trials! And by lot I mean a whole 15 years of it, and that’s quite a LOT, then maybe she’d have given a second thought back then!

Divorce Party


The backstory of how they got married is as interesting as the divorce party itself! while they were at the reception of her cousin’s wedding, they had jokingly exchanged the idea of getting married.

She told the Mail Online: “I thought it was a joke at first – but a few days later he followed up about my dress and flowers. I headed to the shopping center and bought a stunning wedding dress.”

They got married in the City Hall of New York with a small crowd to witness the ceremony, which included Catherine’s mum and her friends. After the wedding the gathering drove back to New York and celebrated the day.

“It was an absolutely gorgeous day,” she continued. “It was a simple affair but it came together perfectly it such a short time frame.”

While the relationship started sweetly, and everything seemed to be going well at first, it soon became toxic when Catherine realized the relationship was full of secrets, and that she barely knew her husband at all she filed for a divorce, Marc disappeared and never contacted her by any means.

When Catherine had filed for a divorce Marc refused, and in 2012 he disappeared entirely to never be seen by her or any of their family and friends again.

Friends that are always there!


The friends who were there with her when she got married, also had her back when her divorce finally went through! Here they are seen celebrating at her divorce party.

The reason the divorce took so long to process was Marc’s disappearance. It took her 15 long years to prove the grounds of their divorce in his absence, and at last in March this year she was granted the divorce she had desperately wanted for so long.

Divorce Partyvia

And when all the paperwork finally got through, she did what most of us do after a long weekend! Partyyyy!

Divorce Partyvia

And oh boy she did not shy away from making her party decor epic!

With balloons that read “Happily Divorced” hanging proudly to become the prime attraction of decor.

Divorce Partyvia

The cupcakes were decorated with quirky toppers

The cake toppers on the cup cakes read “Boy Bye” and “I Ain’t Sorry” among others!


Divorce Partyvia

The caption on the cake was winning the witty game as well!

The cake was decorated by “Straight Outta Marriage” written across it.

Divorce Partyvia

The party props weren’t behind on being quirky and adding to the fun!

There were a lot of party props as well that included “Divorce Party!!”, “We never liked him” and “kiss me” among others.

Divorce Partyvia

Finally Catherine has some life advice to give to all the ladies out there!

“Life’s too short to be in a relationship that doesn’t make you happy,” she concluded. “So don’t dwell on the past, instead accept the lessons that every experience provides.”

Divorce Partyvia

That’s some solid advice, let’s all toast to that!


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