We all want to visit our favorite places at least once in our lives, we prepare so much in our heads about the moment we’ll visit the famous tourist spot and get some killer selfies. But, what happens when you reach your destination only to end up with some really disappointing pictures? Well, these unlucky people ended up visiting their travel destinations only to end up with some terrible pictures.

These people traveled to their favorite places only to be disappointed with their travel photos.

1. Welcome people, to lesson 101 in traveling, make sure you know about the weather conditions of the place. Or else you’ll end up getting a picture with a wall instead of the Great Wall Of China.
favorite places
2. She drove 21 hours to visit Mt Rainier only to end up getting fog covered sky for days.

3. The view from Hitler’s Eagle Nest in Bavaria Germany, only when you’re one of the unlucky ones.

4. Flying is really tiring especially when you’ve flown for 10+ hours to see the Neuschwanstein Castle, only to get so disappointed.

5. Anybody, I repeat, anybody who ends up with such a terrible picture after visiting Mt. Rushmore.

6. Climbing Mt. Fuji to watch the sunrise at 4:30 only to realize that it was only foggy and cold and wet that day.

7. Honestly, if this is what you end up with after 4 days of trekking through mud and reaching Machu Pichu, I’d rather stay at home.

8. Well, can’t blame the person who’s taking the picture, but, this day was not meant for visiting Mt. Rushmore.

9. Somebody climbed up Machu Pichu to watch the sunrise there, but, this is what they ended up with.

10. So, apparently, the winter is not meant for visiting the Grand Canyon.

11. How would you feel if this is the Golden Gate Bridge that you get to see after driving all the way there?

12. He went to see Mt. Everest from a peak in Nepal. Well, needless to say, he might not have been happy.

13. He finally got to see the Golden Gate Bridge today, it wasn’t the best of his days.

14. Big Ben, where thou at?

15. If this was the best photo she had taken, I hate to see the worst.

16. He flew to London to visit the National Library in London to see Van Gogh’s sunflower’s but, the poor fellow just discovered that it had been shifted to another Exhibition which had an entrance fee of $25.


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