Becoming parents is probably one of the greatest moments in a couple’s life. But, what if these kids turn your lives into a complete nightmare? Sometimes parents end up really helpless trying to make their kids understand they should be behaving. But, kids have their own logic and they do whatever they feel they think is right. Well, parents out there, we feel your pain, but they themselves can’t realize whether they should laugh or cry!

These kids are making their parents wonder whether they should be crying or laughing!

1. Drinking with just one straw is what lazy kids do, cool kids drink using them all.
2. Multitasking is what this generation kids have learned in the most perfect way. Look how efficient this little girlie is.

3. “Wait, let me explain, I can perfectly explain this, I was just trying to cook.”

4. He was watching the television at 3 in the night, and he thought that he wouldn’t be caught at all.

5. Wow, that is some serious disappointment, this little one somehow managed to lock his mother’s iPod for 45 years.

6. This is one smart kid who is technically right though. But, that’s is just cruel.

7. Don’t know whether he’s stupid or just plain cruel, he was feeding his fake dog goldfishes when his real dog was standing just outside looking really pissed.

8. All he wanted to do was wash his hands but now here he is hanging for over half an hour.

9. Self-love is really important, this girl thought that the girl in the photo frame is her, and in the background is her brother showing some self-love.

10. The look on this mom’s face explains what is going through her head right now.

11. This kid gets comfortable sleeping anywhere where she can fit. That is indeed a talent.

12. Talk about being the brightest, this kid was playing hide and seek with her mom.

13. His parents had taken him out for a nice dinner, but unfortunately, he had other plans.

14. If he can sleep on legos he is indeed immortal.

15. She legit drew a pillow and slept off right away.


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