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Actors Who Almost Played Our Favorite Superheroes. -
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Actors Who Almost Played Our Favorite Superheroes.

Actors Who Almost Played Our Favorite Superheroes.

Superheroes have really made a special place in our hearts, though we know that it’s all but fiction. But, somewhere deep down we believe that the truth always prevails and no matter how strong evil is, the good, will always triumph evil. These superheroes are not just names, the actors who’ve played these favorite superheroes have also left an impression on our hearts. But, what would’ve happened if these roles went to other actors instead?

These actors almost played our favorite superheroes, but we are thankful that they didn’t!

1. Gina Carano was there in line and was actually one of the first few choices to play Gamora. But, you’ve got to give it, that Zoe Saldana really did an outstanding job!

2. Jaimie Alexander as Wonder Woman, I mean, I’ve never seen any of Jaimie’s movies, but seriously, Jaimie over Gal Gadot? Not worth it.

3. Terance Stamp was originally offered the role of Professor X for the X-Men series, but Patrick Stewart’s acting literally bought the character to life.

4. Joaquin Phoenix as Doctor Strange, if you ask me, Doctor Strange’s personality, perfectly blended with Benedict Cumberbatch’s persona. And the way he pulled it off was simply a treat to watch.

5. Joseph Gordon Levitt as Star-Lord, I was never really a fan of Star-Lord, but Chris Patt was definitely a better choice.

6. Jim Carey as Loki, I don’t really know what were the producers thinking when they thought that Jim Carey would be suitable for a villainous role. Jim Carey is undoubtedly a gem of Hollywood, but I don’t really see him as Loki.

8. Tom Cruise as Iron Man, okay, Tom Cruise is the master of action movies, but Robert Downey Jr is the real deal. A genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist, that’s who he is!

9. Angela Basset as Storm, this one I’d want to witness as well. But, hey, Halle Berry was awesome.

10. Channing Tatum as Thor, nope, I’d take my Chris Hemsworth, thank you very much.


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