Looking good is definitely one of the virtues that every person wants. One has to agree that not everyone is as pretty as the other and that is the best part about this world, in fact. However, have you ever thought about the people who used to look really good but their looks changed over time for some reason or the other? Well, for this article, pregnancy is the reason for looks being changed. As a wife, you have to go through this phase and it might just be really tricky for any person whosoever (including celebrities).

Here is a list of 10 celebrities who look absolutely different after their pregnancy, but are still carrying themselves with full confidence.

Source: BabyGaga

1. Leah Remini


She is one of the most famous celebrities who still has a very strong fan base, no matter what. Definitely, she was much prettier earlier.

2. Drew Barrymore


Confidence is what matters and nothing else. This girl here is an epitome of it.

3. Alanna Masterson


She was criticized for being overweight at one point of time but she never cared, did she?

4. Jessica Simpson


Jessica’s reputation never really bounced back as much as she wanted it to after pregnancy.

5. Hilary Duff


She actually does not look bad after graining pregnancy weight. Hence, why not carry it with pride?

6. Kelly Clarkson


She looks happy and nothing else really matters apart from that.

7. Kate Hudson


Skinny or a little more healthy, she will always remain one of my favorites. Without a doubt, she looks pretty either way.

8. Kirstie Alley


She gained weight after pregnancy and it seemed to her as if it would never go back. She did feel miserable at one point of time after a miscarriage of her baby and when she came to know that she might never become a mother. Now, she has embraced it.

9. Amy Adams


Amy is still as gorgeous as she has always been and that is the best part.

10. Liv Tyler



Maintaining the standard body shape has been difficult for her but not caring about it has not been.