Ever noticed something really common in the old but incredibly famous paintings? Well, the one thing that is absolutely common in all of these paintings feature people who have not the least bit of hint of smiling. Well, we wonder how would these paintings look like if they were actually smiling in their paintings, let’s find out!

Somebody used AI to add smiles to these famous paintings and they look fine AF!

1. Mona Lisa is finally smiling, this is what I’ve been wanting to see all my life!
2. Doesn’t she look like a Hollywood celebrity with vintage makeup on? I bet she does!

3. She indeed looks really beautiful with her Golden locks tossing in the air. That is what a smile can do.

4. Frieda Kahlo, the beauty who broke the stereotype for the first time, you look absolutely marvelous with a smile on.

5. I’m not quite sure how do I feel about this painting with a smile on.

6. Okay, no offense, but these two look really weird and suspicious, what are they up to anyway?
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7. This girl is definitely looking really beautiful, I wonder what the original looks like.

8. That’s what you should be looking like when you’re happy.

9. Is it me, or does she actually looks like the demon mother from Insidious?
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10. Aww, she looks so pretty and innocent!

11. Honestly, if a smile could do such wonders why did the painters what to never use them in their paintings?

12. A smile is all you need to look pretty and nothing more!



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