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Perfect Photos On Instagram Are Not True.

Perfect Photos On Instagram Are Not True.

Today, everybody is living dual lives, one that shows what reality is, and one that they pretend to live on social media. Nobody wants to be seen as somebody who doesn’t have a charming social life with an incredible number of followers. Basically, people, these days live for the likes and shares and comments, well if you’re an Instagram addict, and spend a fair amount of time garnering likes and comments, you’re probably aware of the fact, not everything that looks perfect is in reality, perfect. But, nobody will say that out loud, not even you if you’re the one doing it, but, one influencer is bold enough to show what’s the reality behind these perfect Instagram photos.

The perfect photos that you see on Instagrams are not what they look like and influencer Rianne Meijer from Amsterdam is ready to show the reality!

1. You only post pretty pictures with your BFF for Instagram, in reality, with the best friend you always have the weirdest photos!
instagram photos

3. Looking flawless with absolutely the weirdest piece of clothing on, well, it’s all for show.
4. Yep, this is one hundred percent true, people show all their love for dogs on Instagram even if they are super allergic to dogs.

5. Believe me, I’m never gonna look so peaceful when in reality my heart is about to escape my mouth for real!

6. Looking your best even on early mornings is a lie, all done for a single photograph, people look tired as hell early in the morning, especially if it’s a winter morning.

7. Don’t believe when you see people looking calm and quiet on a sunny day, it’s all a lie, it’s sweaty and annoying for real!

8. Please learn to appreciate and enjoy your hot chocolate instead of pretending to be absolutely unaware that you’re being clicked!

9. Are you going for a swim, or are you going for a photoshoot?

10. That is what you look like when you’re going off to work, not how the Instagram world shows you as.

11. Some people really don’t know how to enjoy.

12. Believe me, getting a perfect photo on a windy beach, is really a struggle and you need to take at least 10 photographs before you actually get the perfect one.

13. This is what I was talking about!

14. Okay, seriously, why do people always face away in their Instagram photographs? I mean, seriously, what did you want to post? Just the dress?

15. Best one so far!


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