Gold diggerWhenever we see a relationship, there’s a pretty good chance that one side of the relationship just exists because of the money flow. That relationship could stumble any time as the money stops or they find someone better. These are called gold digger relationships. Or say the person with this mentality a gold digger. Playing with someone’s feelings for their money would be the smallest definition of it. Not only normal men/women do this, of course, celebrities aren’t any different from any of us. There have been so many relationships and even marriages that were based on money and were talked about a lot. You could call them Jackpot Relationships if you want.

Below are some of the gold digger celebrities:

1. Oksana Grigorieva (Mel Gibson) – $750,000.


Mel Gibson was married before he was nothing in Hollywood in 1980. After a while when he warned all the fame and money, his wife filed a divorce making a $400 Million payday – the highest in Hollywood history.


Russian singer-songwriter and pianist Oksana Grigorieva eyed this divorce and made her move, and they both had a beautiful daughter in 2009. Less than a year later Grigorieva obtained a restraining order against Gibson after she claimed he had physically assaulted her. She was settled for $15 million for short term but she aimed big so she refused that. After a long legal battle, she won $750,000. That was a very smart and long-term plan for a gold digger.

2. Kevin Federline (Britney Spears) – $1 million


Kevin Federline was one of those men who managed to catfish Britney Spears. He had pregnant fiancee actress Shar Jackson whom he left for Britney and got married within 9 months and had kids with her.


Then started the custody battle which settled at $1 million and a child support of $20,000 per month. Britney could never move on from that. In 2007 she was taken from her home on a stretcher and hospitalized. Now she’s fine but not looking for love anymore.

3. Sarah Ferguson (Prince Andrew) – $3 million


This was one of the biggest scandals of the 90’s. Sarah Ferguson, also known as the Duchess of York, was willing to go to exploit her marriage to Prince Andrew (the third child of Queen Elizabeth II). By, 1991, the Prince was away for royal duties while the Duchess was busy getting her bed filled with different men. That was caught on media and ended up in a divorce worth $3 million.


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