YouTube has been the prime platform for music companies and singers to post music videos and earn money. It’s the biggest platform to do so, it depends on users on how they react to some video if they like it or don’t. Some videos have received so much love that they have topped the youtube space whereas some have topped in the dislike space.

Below we share some of the most dislikes YouTube videos:

1. YouTube Rewind 2019.



The most disliked video of YouTube is a video made by youtube itself, the year rewind. It was so cringing and so weird that people didn’t like it and became the most disliked video within a week. It currently stands at 16 million dislikes, making it the most disliked and hated video of all time.

2. Baby.


Before December 2018, the most disliked video on youtube was Baby by Justin Bieber. This stands on 10 million dislikes and was considered the most disliked video for around the longest time.

3. It’s Everyday Bro.

This video by one of the Paul brothers is just Jake Paul and Team 10 saying how much money they make. They might be getting money from the monetization but this video received 4.2 million dislikes.

4. Despacito?


The most viewed video on youtube also has 3.8 million dislikes which in itself is a big achievement and definitely not in a negative way.

5. Friday.


This video by Rebecca Black stands at 3.43 million dislikes because of the really bad autotune it used with the bad video quality.

6. How It Is (Wap Bap).


Famous German beauty vlogger Bibi H tried to get into music but ended up with way worse lyrics and low-level English which resulted in 2.95 million dislikes.

7. Gangnam Style.


Another video with massive views and the first ever video to hit 1 billion views has its name here with 2.15 million dislikes which can be summed up by its popularity that people have to dislike it no matter what.

8. Sweatshirt.


The dislike percentage of this video by Jacob Sartorius is 74% standing at 2.11 million to 700k and there are comments on this video which claim to have just come there to dislike the video.

9. Anaconda.


The explicit nature of this video defines itself why this video received 1.55 million dislikes, especially from all the Nicki Minaj’s fans.

10. Wrecking Ball.


Everyone likes the song and there’s nothing wrong with the video as well, then why did it receive 1.5 million dislikes? The only reason people think of it is this was the first time Miley’s image as a clean girl vanished and she shaped her image into what it is now that people love.


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