If you love your pizza and want to showcase your love, there is a good news for you. You can get married in a Pepperoni pizza gown.

Now, couples can celebrate their love for pizza as well as for one another by letting the bride wear a pepperoni pizza gown on the wedding day.

This is a new thread of idea from Chicago Town, an US-based pizza brand. The company is offering a chance to brides to win a pepperoni dress and get a matching pizza bouquet that they can carry down the aisleduring wedding.

The brides have to take part in a competition to be organised by the company.

The idea is anchored in the notion that most of the British men and women would just love to attend a wedding ceremony where pizza is on the menu.

The company is presenting this as a Pizza Bridal Package according to the manager, Rachel Bradshaw. In fact, the brand has kept the options open by letting everybody interested in this exotic arrangement to enter the website and win the competition.

In practice the idea is even funnier than it appears. The brand will award the lucky winner a six-tier pizza wedding cake as well as a honeymoon trip to Chicago, and people are just lapping up the offer.

Needless to say that Chicago Town is doing brisk business and also promoting its brand through some unique campaigning idea.

If you too are interested to join the bandwagon, you just need to enter your name for the competition.

Hopefully, you too can win the competition and end up with a 6-tired pizza cake and the prize award, a pepperoni pizza gown along with an unique bridal package.

You just need to enter your name in the website and participate in the competition. Who knows you can walk down the aisle in a pepperoni pizza gown on the D-day!

Image Credits: LADbible