Movies can definitely bring out your deepest emotions, while some people may stay immune to the thoughts and feelings that movies trigger. But, in some, it really strikes a chord. These people can almost never hold back tears when they watch something that they can relate to. But, people often tend to make fun of them calling them weak, crybaby and god know what. But, the people who really enjoy making fun of them who cry during a movie, the joke’s on you. Studies confirm, that the people who cry during movies are emotionally stronger than the people who don’t.

Do you cry during movies too? Don’t be ashamed of it because studies have confirmed that people who cry during movies are emotionally stronger than those who don’t!

Paul J. Zak a neuroeconomist from the Claremont Graduate University had conducted studies on the people who cry during movies and found them to be more empathic and mentally stronger than the rest.

1. These people experience life fully.


Yep, crying is a part of human emotions, without tears and feelings we are as good as a robot. But, we aren’t robots now are we? These people know the value of emotions and hence respect, trust, and loyalty come easy to them. They believe in putting efforts and forging a stronger relationship.

2. They don’t stick to the stereotypic gender roles.

We have often heard of the phrase, “Boys don’t cry.” Why, are they not humans like the girls are? Or are they deprived of the tear glands? These people care very little for the gender roles and are not afraid to cry even in public if their emotions call upon them to do so.

3. They don’t know how to leave and run when they truly feel something.

People who have accepted their emotions freely, and who aren’t hesitant to cry during a sad movie aren’t one of those who flee at the first sight of something real. They aren’t after materialistic affairs, they truly know how to love and cherish moments.

4. Tears can be really powerful.

Zak also found in his studies that tears at times have a brilliant healing power. You may be going through a lot in life but if you cry and let it all out you’ll feel like a bit of the load is shed. Whether things are affecting them negatively or positively, they are open to all possibilities in life.

5. They are mentally stronger than the rest in the crowd.

Those who aren’t afraid to cry during the movies have more mental stability than the rest. They are not afraid of showing emotions, nor do strong emotions threaten their mental peace. People tend to be more empathizing towards the one around them.

6. Oxytocin hormone.

This helps play a major effect when we watch a touching scene or something that we can relate to. The more we connect to a movie the major role is of this hormone which triggers the waves of emotions.

7. They believe the character’s pain to be true despite knowing that it is all but fiction.

The purity of the mind of the people who can easily feel the pain of people even though they’re fictional characters show how deeply the person can feel.


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