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This Is How 16 Of Your Favourite Cartoon Characters would Look In Real Life -
Home ENTERTAINMENT This Is How 16 Of Your Favourite Cartoon Characters would Look In Real Life

This Is How 16 Of Your Favourite Cartoon Characters would Look In Real Life

This Is How 16 Of Your Favourite Cartoon Characters would Look In Real Life

Our childhood would have been boring and incomplete without the creative, funny, and interesting cartoon characters. These characters were so absorbing and mesmerizing that we could never get enough of them even today. When they are so fascinating as a cartoon character, just imagine how interesting they would look in real life. Already thrilled? Okay, stop your imagination now and clap your eyes on the creativity of a Californian artist Miguel Vasquez, who perfectly portrays your fascination. Have a look:

1- Jerry-

Jerry, you made my childhood awesome. And today, you made my day with your charming real version.


2- Kermit frog

Isn’t Kermit Frog looking just so funny as usual?


3-Homer and Marge Simpson

Remember Homer and Marge Simpson? Yes, this is how they would look in real life


4- Mikee Arnold and Gerald.

They look really wonderful. No?


5- Thanos

What about your handsome hero Thanos?


6- Spongebob and Patrick

One word for this picture is awesome.


7- Finn

Oh Finn, you look just too cute here.


8- Homer Simpson

How is the real version of Homer Simpson? Amazing. No?


9- Phineas and Ferb

Oh my cute duo, what happened to you both? why you look so sad?


10- Mike Wazowski

Mike, you’re literally killing me with your real version.


11- Ed, Edd, and Eddy

Doesn’t this trio look mind-blowing in their real version?


12- Nigel Thornberry

Cool, no? He looks really different in his real version.


13- Billy

Billy, your real version is making me as much laugh as you do with your acting.


14- Mr. Krabs

Mr, Krabs, you’re irresistible here too.


15- Bubble bass

Relax Bubble bass, why are you so angry. Believe me, your neck beard is making you look even moreĀ  amazing.


16- Luigi

This has to be called the masterpiece of creativity, indeed.