Aging is an universal truth and each of us are going to age, if not die early. However, here is an app, FaceApp, which can make you look aged quite prematurely. People are taking up the FaceApp challenge and sharing their photos of how they would look in their old ages. The app can make them look much older than they really are. The FaceApp that can make you look like older by 20 or even more is developed by a St. Petersburg based person and have people using it like crazy.

Although the app is mired in controversy and has raised concerns about privacy, even celebrities have fallen for this app. So celebrities like Jonas Brothers, Drake, Tim Tebow are all taking up the FaceApp challenge. In fact, after celebrities have taken to using this app, ordinary people too have also started using it.

Using this app one not only can morph a photo to look older, one can also adjust various properties of the image to adjust the mouth in the photograph and add magic to them.

Not withstanding the controversies regarding the usage of this app, it allows one to look at the images of celebrities when they look old. In fact, there is a whole collection of famous people and how they would look 20 years later thanks to this app. People have an innate curiosity to peep into the lifestyle of famous people and this app has let people have a peep inside the future of famous people too.

Take for example Chris Hemsworth, who played Kim Hyde in Home and Away, the popular Australian series. In his old age, it seems Chris will still hold on to his charming looks. However, it appears that he will acquire a look that closely resembles the ex. President, Mr. George W Bush. On the other hand, it seems that Robert Downy Jr. will age more gracefully.

Let’s take a look at some of some of the best celebrity and their popular character’s FaceApp results

1. Robert Downey Jr.

2. The Hulk

3. Tom Holland

4. Chris Hemsworth

5. Gordon Ramsey

6. Lady Gaga

7. Jon Snow

8. Terry Crews

9. Harry Potter

10. Tony Stark

11. Adam Scott

12. Kevin Hart

13. Paul Rudd

Image Credits: FaceApp